A Mayan Christmas – Lesson 70

The Mayans never said the world would end,

They said we’d be enlightened,

I guess since its Christmas now,

We should not be frightened,

It is during this snowy time,

That all the good is heightened,

All the time we spend together,

Makes our day ever brightened.


So let’s prove that Mayan belief,

By putting on a smile,

And putting up our wreath,

Let’s sit around the fire,

And spend time with our friend,

Wishing time and time again,

Christmas would never end.


Whoever said it can’t,

Be Christmas all year long?

There is no reason to stop,

Singing that Christmas song,

Because it’s not about the presents,

It’s not about the gifts,

It is about heartfelt love,

And the spirits that it lifts.


So I believe a prophecy,

Has actually come true,

The optimism has spread,

From me over to you,

Enlightenment has come,

We all know what to do,

Live like it’s an eternal holiday,

Let the happiness ensue.


So when you’re feeling down,

And can’t think a happy thought,

Pretend that it’s Christmastime,

And you won’t be distraught.

Do you feel enlightened during Christmas? Comment below to answer.

Anthony DeVergillo

About Anthony DeVergillo

My name is Anthony DeVergillo and I am 19 years old and have been living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle-deteriorating disease, for my entire life. I believe that everyone has a disability, whether it be visible or not, and we must learn to overcome what holds us back! :)

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