Want to Write for Optimist PRIME? Well, here’s how! :)

When you become a writer for my blog, you will be writing about any topic that involves optimism and living life to the fullest, a rather broad range of topics.  Follow the steps below to get started:

(1) You register as a writer on my blog by clicking the “Login with Facebook” button above (if you want to register/login using your Facebook account) or by clicking the “Register to Write!” button above (to register without using your Facebook account)

(2) After you register and are logged in, click the “Edit Your Profile” button above and add a short bio (in the “Biographical Information” section, near the bottom of that page), upload a picture which will be your author photo (on the bottom of that page, under “Add Author Photo” section), and add any other information that you wish, and then click the “Update Profile” button on the bottom of that page to save your changes

(3) After going back to this page (, you write posts, by clicking the “Write New Post” button after you login, and format them any way that you want to (make sure to add an excerpt, featured image, tags), you can always click the “Save as Draft” button to save you post and come back to finish it later or click the “Preview” button to preview your post

(4) When you are done writing, formatting, and editing your post, you click the “Submit for Review” button on the upper right side of the page

(5) I approve your post if it does not contain vulgar, demeaning, or inappropriate language.

(6) Your post goes on my blog with you as the author, along with your author picture, bio, and social networks you added in Step 2.

(7) Share your post with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and your other social networks. Hopefully, 30,000+ people will read your post!

(8) You write more posts and you gain fans and visitors for your posts and the blog overall, helping me to spread Optimism throughout the world. 

You have complete control over how often you post and what information is made public. You also have complete ownership of your writing.

Now start writing and spreading Optimism throughout the world! :)